maxmess-software aims at developing simple and user-friendly programs. Sometimes we achieve this goal by developing new methods, e.g. the patent-registered image measuring method for direct measurements in the perspective..


Sometimes it is better to return to traditions and already forgotten tools – as in the case of our handy PC typewriter (available in a few days).


maxmess-software currently offers a selection of products that were developed in-house, within the framework of research projects or in cooperation with other companies. The products were produced by professional developers. More than 25 students supported us in the context of their final theses and practical trainings. Our PC typewriter, for example, was developed by a student.


In our photo gallery you can find pictures taken in the environment of software development and marketing.


Windows 10

All actual programs can be used at all Windows 10 devices without restrictions. For the usage of On-Site Survey please regard the hints at the product page.

Photo gallery